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Olivia's Diary
It was easy walking through the rain this morning, because no one could see my tears. Just like every other day, I walk past one of the hall monitors with my invisible cloak on and nearly run into a bunch of Jocks who don’t even bat an eyelid a...

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Ava ; In my opinion, Olivia, the worst years of your entire life are when you attend school.

Me ; Oh. Really ? (I didn’t know what else to say)

Ava ; Well you’re in the bathroom hiding out aren’t you?

Me ; Guess so..

Ava ; I mean look at the Principal and the rest of the teachers. When will we ever use this crap they teach us ? All they do is give us 5 hours of homework every night, dole out detention ,for doing something harmless.  It’s pathetic.

Me ; Someone got caught using drugs..

Ava ; Like I said, pathetic. I mean, apart from Lucien, who do you ever talk to Olivia?

Me ; Erm, no-one..

Ava ; Exactly, the popular kids like the same music, look like factory-manufactured clones, and simply exist to make you feel like absolute shit.
Mostly, your friends will talk behind your back, unless you're lucky to find one good, trust-worthy friend who won't dump you. I suppose you’ve found that in Lucien, but you should really be a bit careful of him. I’ve heard stuff. Bad stuff about him.

Me ; It’s all bravado with Lucien. He’s okay really.

Ava ; Basically most of the girls are sluts, the boys are perverts, and most of the time you'll feel alone and blue an that's why everyone does drugs. Relationships usually don't last more than a week, but then neither did my parents.

Me ; I’m really sorry about your parents, Ava, that must be hard.

Ava ; Screw my parents. We’re talking about school. Where was I? Oh yes, Everyone and their driver has a Myspace, which are usually full of pictures of everyone , having a good time,  which in turn makes you feel more and more like shit.
Basically, everything makes you feel like shit. I hate my life, here, Olivia.

Me ; Silence

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Dear Mom and Dad,

Dear Mom

Lucien has always been my best friend, a friend that I have spent more time with than anyone else since I arrived here on the Upper East Side, five years ago.

I remember the very first day that we met. Preston had taken me to the Borgia’s house to get some paperwork signed because his father was our family lawyer. Once again engulfed by the sheer size of their property, I could feel myself shrinking into the floor, but then, the sound of a young boy’s laughter in my ears changed everything. I can almost hear it now. Glimpses of jet-black hair like mine, and footsteps on marble floors, were enough to ignite my curiosity. Sure enough, after wandering around, I found him. The boy with the dark eyes and dark hair, and after all the people around me, with their blonde hair and blue eyes, I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

That first day, I didn’t speak to him. I hadn’t spoken to anyone in over a week, but somehow this twelve year old boy, understood me. We lay on the floor, side by side playing with his Lionel toy train set. After crossing the 90º crossover and passing beneath the yard house, the miniature train set would gently curve around tall buildings, passing greener than green pine and deciduous trees, textured grass and scrubby woodland. The train would then pass a water tower and enter the tunnel, which was cut into a tall resin mountain, by coming out on the other side where it completed the loop at Stella’s Diner. Many hours passed after that day where I would just gaze and follow the little train with my eyes.

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Dear Mom and Dad


swimmerIt’s taken me so long to write back because I’m back on the swim team and just about every spare second is taken by practice.

 One of the first rules of being on the swim team is that you don’t write about the swim team, but I’ve got to tell someone what’s been going on and I don’t want to worry Preston or Victoria or even Annie.

 Firstly, all the other swimmers had a get together and I wasn't invited. Then they all went bowling together, and I wasn't invited again. I used to enjoy it, but now it feels like a death sentence to go to practice. I really want them to stop being so mean but I'm really shy and don't know how to defend myself. No one dares say anything during the day when Lucien is around. It’s made worse by the way I seem to have grown in all directions over the summer. Gangly, chicken legs, googly giant-frog eyes and as for my chest, well, I can’t hide it under loose clothes anymore.

 I catch people staring at me a lot since I’ve gone back and it makes me really uncomfortable.

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Dear Mom and Dad,


It’s OIivia here. I thought, that I’d start letting you know how I’m doing, given that neither of you are here.


I’m seventeen now and so much has happened in the last five years since I last saw you, that I need to think where to start.

I know, I can start with what I look like. Annie says that I look a mirror image of you, mom. She watches the Bold and the Beautiful, when she should be doing the laundry and freezes every time Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester comes on.

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