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Olivia's Diary

Swim Team


Dear Mom and Dad


It’s taken me so long to write back because I’m back on the swim team and just about every spare second is taken by practice.

 One of the first rules of being on the swim team is that you don’t write about the swim team, but I’ve got to tell someone what’s been going on and I don’t want to worry Preston or Victoria or even Annie.

 Firstly, all the other swimmers had a get together and I wasn't invited. Then they all went bowling together, and I wasn't invited again. I used to enjoy it, but now it feels like a death sentence to go to practice. I really want them to stop being so mean but I'm really shy and don't know how to defend myself. No one dares say anything during the day when Lucien is around. It’s made worse by the way I seem to have grown in all directions over the summer. Gangly, chicken legs, googly giant-frog eyes and as for my chest, well, I can’t hide it under loose clothes anymore.

 I catch people staring at me a lot since I’ve gone back and it makes me really uncomfortable. Lucien and I share most classes and he guards me like a Rottweiler. Some days it’s like he owns me, but then other days I’m glad I have someone to look out for me. He’s even started to come and watch me at the pool some days but gets really annoyed after, he asks me if  heard him cheering for me. Um, no Lucien…my head’s been underwater. Duh.

 As for being back at school, well here’s what I’ve learnt so far, that what you say is more important than what you know. I’ve learnt that the louder you are, the better you are and that there's only one way to learn anything, and that's to talk in circles until someone takes notice.

 You’d be so impressed mom, at what my school looks like. It stretches nearly the whole length of a street. Imagine that! In addition to classrooms, labs and offices, the school includes a garden, a rooftop playing field, known as “The Turf", two rooftop tennis courts, a dining room, two chapels, two theaters, a swimming pool, three playgrounds, a weight room, a fine arts pavilion, two libraries, and three gymnasiums. Unbelievable right?

 Anyway, guess what? Yep, I have to go and join the suck-ups and coach’s pets to get wet again.

 I love you,