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Olivia's Diary

Falling Out

Dear Mom

Dear Mom and Dad,

Lucien has always been my best friend, a friend that I have spent more time with than anyone else since I arrived here on the Upper East Side, five years ago.

I remember the very first day that we met. Preston had taken me to the Borgia’s house to get some paperwork signed because his father was our family lawyer. Once again engulfed by the sheer size of their property, I could feel myself shrinking into the floor, but then, the sound of a young boy’s laughter in my ears changed everything. I can almost hear it now. Glimpses of jet-black hair like mine, and footsteps on marble floors, were enough to ignite my curiosity. Sure enough, after wandering around, I found him. The boy with the dark eyes and dark hair, and after all the people around me, with their blonde hair and blue eyes, I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

That first day, I didn’t speak to him. I hadn’t spoken to anyone in over a week, but somehow this twelve year old boy, understood me. We lay on the floor, side by side playing with his Lionel toy train set. After crossing the 90º crossover and passing beneath the yard house, the miniature train set would gently curve around tall buildings, passing greener than green pine and deciduous trees, textured grass and scrubby woodland. The train would then pass a water tower and enter the tunnel, which was cut into a tall resin mountain, by coming out on the other side where it completed the loop at Stella’s Diner. Many hours passed after that day where I would just gaze and follow the little train with my eyes.

I recall both of us looking towards the door at the same time, to catch the adults watching us and the smile of relief on Preston’s face. When it came time to leave, Lucien ran off and I thought he had left me, like everyone else, but he came back, with a tattered old teddy bear in his arms, which he presented to me. We have been inseparable since that day.

But things are changing, as we get older, and I’m not sure why.

He never shouted at me before, but yesterday at his mother’s horse farm, he lost it. He pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket and wanted me to hear what he was saying. I could feel all the blood gushing in my ears in between words like, neglect, your and dad’s names, Preston’s name, legal guardian. I pushed him so he would just shut his mouth,but he shoved me back so hard, that my head was ringing. Lucien is seventeen now and much taller than me. He says I need to know what happened, to understand why I live where I do now with Preston and Victoria. I don’t want to know.  Anyway, I ran and ran and ran and didn’t take any of his calls last night.

 Anyway, I need to go now, because guess what? Yup, swimming time, again.

 Talk soon,

 Olivia x