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Olivia's Choice by DM Sharp

Olivia's Choice

Written by: DM Sharp
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In this sequel to Olivia’s Trek, Olivia Carter is thriving under the love and guidance of her boyfriend, Dr Gabriel Carmichael. But her past returns to haunt her on the day of her MCAT results, when she makes a detour to the offices of the Carter Foundation, set up by her uncle, and finds there a previously incarcerated drug dealer who is out for revenge. A dramatic gun battle ensues and Olivia is shot.

Gabriel’s father, keen to protect his beloved only child from the dangers associated with Olivia’s former life, seizes the opportunity to separate them, embroiling the Carter family in his plan to convince Olivia to let Gabriel go. Unable to bear the thought of harm coming to Gabriel as a result of her past actions, it is ultimately Olivia’s choice to let the love of her life believe her dead. Heartbroken, Gabriel leaves for Europe.

Seven years on, Gabriel has rebuilt his life to become an addictions specialist, and has just been awarded a professorship in Manhattan at the tender age of thirty-three. Olivia, meanwhile, having successfully completed a medical degree in the Caribbean, is also returning to the city to take up a residency. She is stunned to discover that fate has intervened, however, by placing them both at the same hospital. Naively believing she will manage to avoid him, Olivia finds herself overwhelmed with guilt and the feelings that still remain for Gabriel, and begins to regret her choice.

As their two worlds collide once again, a furious Gabriel confronts the deception and resolves to leave Manhattan as soon as possible. A violent incident in the ER throws them together before he has the chance, however, and they find themselves unable to fight their resurfacing feelings any longer. That is until Olivia discovers the existence of a certain impediment and flees, running into an unwelcome face from the past along the way – one who believes Olivia owes him her life.

With Olivia questioning her choices and beginning to doubt a long-held hatred, she escapes to the Hamptons with far-reaching consequences. Olivia Carter is about to find out that you never know how strong you really are, until being strong is the only choice you have.