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Character Biographies

Olivia Carter

“I hope that people can’t see inside my soul, it would hurt them too much”

Half Indian -American, half W.A.S.P , Olivia Carter is an insecure seventeen year old who resides on the Upper East side of Manhattan with her legal guardian, and uncle Preston Carter and his wife, Victoria.

Adopted by them when she was twelve following the tragic death of her mother, she has no connection with her maternal line or heritage as her mother was outcast from her tribe when she ran away with Henry Carter, Olivia’s father.

Henry Carter rarely sees his daughter and has renounced all ties with his wealthy family, the “gunpowder” Carters, instead choosing to live a nomadic life fuelled by alcohol.

Loves – swimming, her IPOD and music.

Lucien Borgia

“Psychopaths prey on others with charm, deceit, violence or any other method that gets them what they want. Cool right?”

Son of legendary litigator Felipe Borgia and Francesca Borgia he is the main childhood friend and protector of Olivia Carter. He loves Olivia and controls everything she does often exploiting her naivity and fragility. An only child, he has a disturbed background that has been kept secret.

Loves - computer games, anything to do with the Mafia and hurting pretty girls.

Dr Gabriel Carmichael

“I saw this quote on someone’s T-shirt once , People Cry, Not Because They’re Weak. It’s Because They’ve Been Strong For Too Long and that’s something I can help you with..”

Occupation – Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Background - The only surviving son of Dr Nathanial Carmichael, he became a cardiothoracic surgeon after the death of his younger brother Zach. Bright, articulate and athletic with a love of the outdoors and water, he spent some time helping on wilderness treks and camps at one of his father’s rehab facilities, Camp Cedars. Following a seven year sojourn in Europe where he made an outstanding contribution to medical and pharmaceutical research, he achieved the coveted Professor title at the age of 33. Hope to follows in his father’s footsteps.

Loves - his job, music (Esp – Radiohead, Imagine Dragons) and Olivia Carter.

Dr Nathaniel Carter

“Sometimes when you love someone, you make choices.. and sometimes those choices aren’t always the right one..”

Net worth - $220 million (New money)

Occupation Founder of healthcare investment group Court Carmichael and chief executive of The Cedars rehab clinics

Background- Father to Gabriel (surviving) and Zachary (deceased), widower whose wife, Rachel, passed away during Zach’s birth. Well renowned addictions specialist, mentor to Gabriel (although they often butt heads over there differing opinions about traditional versus modern choices of treatment). He is also Olivia Carter’s unofficial on-call therapist. Manages most things apart from anything that could render his son Gabriel vulnerable.

Loves – his only son, Gabriel Carmichael.

Preston “Gunpowder” Carter

“The investment it takes to prepare to do something you love or something you hate is exactly the same”

Net Worth - $4.7 Billion (Old money)

Occupation - Carter Foundation Manager & CEO. The Carter fortune began in 1809, but they became an extraordinarily wealthy family by selling gunpowder during the American Civil War. Currently ranked 65th in the Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. corporations.

Background - Olivia’s paternal uncle and legal guardian. He rescued her from dire poverty when she was twelve and has been her father figure ever since. Kind, generous and loyal but a stickler for old traditions. Husband of Victoria Carter. He has no biological children of his own, or does he?

Loves - Money, tradition and Olivia.

Victoria Carter

“The Upper East Side ZIP code 10065 is now the most expensive in America, according to Forbes”

Occupation - Socialite, famous for dominating society events, shopping, charity work and fashion.

Background - is an Upper East Sider, born and bred. Now a Mother figure to Olivia. Favours pearls and Chanel and matching skirt suits. Has long ignored the Old money pink and purple hair set, who turn their noses up at Olivia, due to her dual heritage.

Loves - lunching at Fred’s in Barney’s and big jewels.

Kennedy Lattimer

Urban dictionary definition of “Kennedy” – “Kennedy's are outgoing and awesome people to be around.
They like to have a good time, and are normally beyond gorgeous.
Kennedy's are known to get the guys with their stunning eyes and outstanding body features.”

Occupation - OB-GYN (doctor)

Background - Went to medical school with Gabriel Carmichael. Stood by Gabriel Carmichael for seven years, and was his fiancée for a short time.

Loves - Gabriel Carmichael and a bar called Whiskey Park.