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About DM Sharp
DM Sharp

“A twisted YA love story that will leave you breathless!”

Writer of the Amazon Best Selling YA books, The Olivia Carter Series, DM Sharp is also a mother, wife and doctor – the order depending on what day of the week it is! She likes to write whilst listening to mood evoking music on her laptop when everyone has gone to sleep. Most of the time she lives in her own fairy tale world but other than that she is completely and utterly normal.

DM Sharp’s debut YA gritty, coming of age book, 'Olivia’s Trek' is a dark tale of the American dream ripped apart. It has become an international best-seller in several chart categories and has also been an Amazon No 1. Best-seller in the Difficult Discussions/Drug Use category numerous times.

The second novel in the Olivia Carter Series, “Olivia's Choice,” is about decisions, their consequences and how sometimes acting in the best interests of a person we love can be a very dangerous thing indeed.

She is currently working on the third instalment in the series, “Olivia’s Destiny” due to be published in Summer 2015.

DM Sharp finds technology challenging but can be found on Twitter and you can follow her on @GunpowderCarter. She loves connecting with readers and fellow writers so stop by and give her a wave.

You can find out more about DM Sharp and the Olivia Carter Series at the official website